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The SkyWind NG is the very first micro wind turbine designed with the same passion and expertise currently known only from large scale megawatt turbines. Key aspects:
Its high power and durability at comparatively small size and weight. Its patented all metal design provides unique strength and an unmatchable service life.
Every turbine consists of a turbine with rotor and grid inverter. All components are prepared for quick installation. Our micro turbine was designed using state of the art technologies like CFD´s (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and is manufactured with 6-axis CNC machining centres. Due to the outstanding aerodynamic performance the turbine generates only very low noise emissions. In fact it is so quiet it is approved for use in German residential-only areas!

Our SkyWind NG is distinguished by its complete metal construction and its patented rotor. In addition to obvious advantages such as robustness and performance, our design offers many other unique features. For example, the rotor does not have to be assembled and then balanced, but only inserted into position. Our profile always has the inflow angle suitable for the inflowing air. And last but not least, two rotor blades with winglets and coating cause far less air noise than three or even five rotor blades from cast. Also, the slender leaves in the storm cause much less thrust on structure and brackets. The SkyWind is supplied directly with inverter and brake load. It no longer has to be programmed or set. The assembly is then carried out via plug-and-play within a few hours. You only have to worry about the wind. In addition, the SkyWind, the only micro power plant, has been independently tested by Windtest Grevenbroich GmbH in accordance with the standard of the large-scale wind turbines (IEC 61400-12-1) in a one-year process.
Our turbines are in use all over the world including very hot regions. SkyWind can be delivered with grid inverter (110 / 230 V, 50 - 60 Hz) or battery inverters. What does a SkyWind include?
Your choice for sites with normal wind conditions up to about 5.5 m/s

  1. Blade (aircraft grade Aluminium) RAL 7037, Nacelle incl.
  2. Generator RAL 7016
  3. Mast fitting for 60mm diameter tube RAL 7016
  4. Pre-set 1.000 W grid inverter (230 or 110V available)

SKYWIND Turbines can be combined with Solar Panels for more Electricity Generation.
  1. SkyWind Turbine
  2. Solar Panel
  3. Inverter for PV and Wind
  4. Storage System
  5. Meter


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Heckert Solar received CrefoZert certificate by Creditreform for excellent business performance & financial strength.

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Excellent reputation amongst installers Heckert Solar has been awarded the Top Brand PV certificate for the 4th time in a row.

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Heckert Solar management systems for occupational safety, environmental protection and quality are certified according to ISO and OHSAS