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We provide more than two decades of experience within the solar industry and mounting system technology.
Each of our products holds the many years of experience combined with the development and production know-how of photovoltaic mounting systems

  1. Fast Assembly and Easy Handling
  2. Maximum use of preassembled parts and minimum use of tools
  3. Corrosion-Resistant Materials and Manufacturing - Made in USA- and - Made in Germany
  4. Long, maintenance-free life and complete recyclability
  5. Fully Compatible with All Modules and Roofs
  6. Flexible use on all roofing materials and with all types of framed and unframed modules, including the subsequent exchange of the modules


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Heckert Solar received CrefoZert certificate by Creditreform for excellent business performance & financial strength.

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Excellent reputation amongst installers Heckert Solar has been awarded the Top Brand PV certificate for the 4th time in a row.

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Heckert Solar management systems for occupational safety, environmental protection and quality are certified according to ISO and OHSAS